The Michelin adventure

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The Michelin adventure

Michelin Adventure: to visit during your hotel stay

A passion for innovation

From Michelin’s roots to the mobility challenges of tomorrow

MICHELIN: An iconic brand that embodies innovation, research and excellence. A visit to the “Michelin Adventure” Museum is as exciting as it is not-to-be-missed. 2,000 m2 dedicated to the global giant that is such a great source of pride to the people of Auvergne. The museum retraces the extraordinary history of true visionaries. Rubber, bicycles, locomotives, aviation, and automobiles: THE MICHELIN ADVENTURE traces history, and our history. Nine display areas are on the agenda: “The Origins of Michelin”, “Driving in the Air”, “The Pioneers of Aviation”, “The Micheline: Innovation on Tracks”, “Social Engagement”, “Marketing Genius”, “Supporting and Guiding Travellers”, “The Tyre Revolution”, “Building our Vision for Tomorrow Together”. Bibendum, the familiar and iconic figure is, of course, a presence throughout the exhibition. The Michelin shop can be visited at the end of the tour.

Found at:
L'aventure Michelin
32 rue Clos Four
63100 Clermont-Ferrand